August 18th, 2007
Thank you letter to our anonymous donor
Dear 'Giver of Life',
I guess in my whole life, I would have thought that I would never be writing this type of letter. Regardless, here I am, trying to measure your gift of life by adequately thanking you... Let me start by stating that you must be one incredible woman. You are anonymous to our entire family, friends and various supporters but yet, you have literally saved my son's life.
In March, 2003, my son was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. It was a very rare, aggressive cancer of soft tissue and we began our nightmare journey through cancer survival hood. My son had numerous surgeries coupled with 47 rounds of hard chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. He became a skeleton, lost a ton of weight plus missing hair (i.e. eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.). He couldn't eat, was entirely sick and I felt death was imminent. I was wrong, thank God. He re-entered high school, somewhat detached and basically new to the 'scene' as a teenager. So, our family quickly slid into our normal 'routines'. We have four boys, currently aged 22, 20, 17 and 14 and thus life went on accordingly.
March 2007, our world as we had known it took a spin when my son was diagnosed with severe 'AML'. I screamed and I shook when I heard the news. I went into complete "denial", i.e. this is a bad dream, and this can't be happening, we are GOOD FAMILY. My son has been through enough torture, etc. etc.... Unfortunately, everything Dan said has been true, 'AML'... severe...
That's where you come in... Our only chance to save his life. Age 17 and one half, a beautiful, wonderful, quiet and shy young man- 4 rounds of hard chemo then you are done. This Saturday, God willing, your bone marrow will be accepted and my son will begin to heal, to breathe deeper, to thank his good fortune in knowing you saved personally a stranger's life- no incentives or pay- just pure unconditional love.
You are a God's gift on earth and actually, for the whole human race. You are a savior to my family. I will relish the day to meet you and embrace all that you are and what you have unconditionally given all of us. GOD SPEED....xoxo a mother who is so indebted to you.

I'm a family friend who'd like to say
that your great gift has made my day
to give your marrow to this young man
unselfishly, and without a plan
but now you know the plan is here
and as the family holds him near
They'll think of their anonymous giver
and bless you for your loving endeavor
for people like you are rare and kind
and through all this I hope you find
that giving life is the greatest gift
and you are very loved for this
and as you recover from your part
please know that you are in our hearts..

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