May 18, 2008
A letter to the stem cell donor
Dear Giver of Life, I am finding it difficult to muster up the words to share the enormity of the amount of gratitude I have for you and your 'gift of life.' Internationally, you were our only suitable match and Chase's life has been hanging on for your stem cell donation. You gave over and beyond to give Chase the best shot he has for life. When I saw the team surrounding your blood in that cooler, it took me to my knees. As it pumped through his body, I had the room of witnesses pray thanks to you and God. As people hear Chase's story,
more and more donors are volunteering. It has been a miracle and although we are far from out of the woods, there would have been absolutely no chance for survival. Chase remains strong and committed to being optimistic and fight this fight. You are both warriors and it is with the utmost gratitude, we thank you from the depths of our souls. Sincerely, with love and adoration, Kim, Chase and family. P.S. Although I realize that for the next year you will remain anonymous, I pray for that day to come when you and Chase will meet to celebrate Chase's new life without cancer, one which would not be possible without your huge random act of kindness.

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